POC Amplification Time!

Are you a POC? (Person Of Color?) Do you have thoughts, many thoughts, but no blog of your own? Or do you have a blog, that has even less regular readers than I do? Do you like writing, but only, ehhhh, once a year? I want to pass you the mic. You could just write about your own life, nothing loud or big - unless you want to write loud or big! I will excitedly share your writing like it’s my own, and help amplify your voice.

This would be relatively rare. I want my blog to stay my own, and I don't want its purpose to change. I want to keep my voice and assist others in raising theirs at the same time.

If you want in, send an email with your name (pseudonym accepted), age, and bio to zoefblog@gmail.com with the subject line "POC Amplification Time!" Don’t forget to include the piece you want published, as well.

If you don't want in, that's fine too. Do your thing.

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