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Walking Along A Road. Describe The Road

Walking Along A Road. Describe The Road

Walking along a road. Describe the road. 


I’m walking along the desert highway. The freeway is dusty and there’s gravel in with the asphalt. Up ahead, there’s a small shack labelled “GUMS.” I go to step inside, and a key is there, nailed to the door. I carefully take the key off the nail, and turn it over and over in my hands, studying it. I see if the key fits in the lock. It does. Coins come spilling out around me, and there’s even more still inside. On the back wall there is a large sign: “TEETH.” I collect as many coins as my bags can carry, and head on my way.

Soon after (but not too soon), a large stream winds under the freeway. I dump the coins in, walk back for more coins, and repeat. I make my wish, my biggest wish:

Ending A: “MOUTH.”

Ending B: To fall in love with a lady.

That was not the ending.

There, beyond the pink-painted, empty-schoolyard fence,

is my lady.

Go Home, Max.